About us

Klotheer Boutique is a place where passion meets fashion. What started out as just a hobby for both of us has turned into a place that we love to share and grow! Owners Kelsie and Alicia come from vastly different careers but have a common love of clothing and style. Both women were born, raised, and currently live in Centralia, Illinois. We are creating a brand that we hope you love as much as we do!

After graduating from high school Alicia pursued her dream of becoming a cosmetologist. She’s been behind the chair ever since. 24 years in the beauty industry  and a love of clothing has brought her to owning 2 successful businesses. KloTHēer and Salon Thairapy are both located in Centralia. 

After high school, Kelsie studied at  Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and continued on to get a masters in Criminal Justice Administration. She worked as a Probation Officer for 5 years before leaving her duty to be a SHAM. After the birth of her son she got a Real Estate Broker’s License. Kelsie has been with Coldwell Banker - Allen & Geary in Centralia for over 2 years. Kelsie and her husband Kory proudly welcomed a new baby to their family in October.